BBC Radio 3 interview

Founder Ellie Consta was interviewed on BBC Radio 3, chatting about the effects of the pandemic on freelancers and some of the positive outcomes that have arisen from new ways of thinking in the industry.

Donne, Women in Music ambassador

Her Ensemble were honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for Donne, Women in Music

Alternative Classical Feature

Her Ensemble were featured by Alternative Classical as one of the leading organisations in the UK supporting women in classical music.


Founder Ellie Consta was honoured to feature on BBC Radio London in the run up to Her Ensemble's debut show, chatting about representation in the industry and the incredible music the group have discovered together.

Things Musicians Don't Talk About

Ellie was honoured to feature on TMDTA podcast hosted by Rebecca Toal and Hattie Butterworth, talking all things from failed lockdown sourdough, to overthrowing the patriarchy, the importance of self expression and creating space for gender minorities in the industry.

The Strad feature

'There just haven't been as many female composers' or 'They just didn't write as much' are pretexts we hear time and time again. But these sweeping statements, although factually correct, give the false impression that female compositions are few and far between and therefore presumably secondary in quality. There are in fact over 5000 female composers that we know of dating all the way back to 450 BC, over 500 symphonies to date and countless ensemble, vocal, organ, choral works - you name it.

SNACK magazine feature

"...I hope that by subverting gender norms, we are encouraging people to question the status quo. It's vital for any progression. And I hope that we will continue to grow and evolve as a group as times change..."

International Women's Day feature

Her Ensemble were honoured to be featured and interviewed on Scala Radio UK for an International Women's Day special. The group remotely recorded and produced 'Andante Moderato' by Florence Price as well as 'Coma (for strings)'.

Help Musicians interview

"...I've learnt that you don't have to have everything worked out perfectly to pursue an interest, there's not just one way of doing something, and sometimes doing something differently can be the most refreshing thing..."

Forte Productions interview

"...I don't think anyone could have predicted how this year has panned out; it was so unexpected and terrifying. Before lockdown, I guess you could say my life was 'on track' as a classical musician..."

Ruth Hallows interview

"...because as well as being quite elitist, classical music is also quite sexist. An example of this would be our orchestral concert dress. We have a dress code for men and women. This is annoying for two reasons; firstly, it's different - why? Secondly, it completely disregards the existence of non-binary people..."