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"...I hope that by subverting gender norms, we are encouraging people to question the status quo. It's vital for any progression. And I hope that we will continue to grow and evolve as a group as times change..."


"...I was forced to try new things and new ways of working [during the pandemic]. Working with my friends who are singer-songwriters made me see things from a totally different perspective, which was incredibly eye-opening. It made me question why we do things so differently in the pop and classical worlds and that’s how Her Ensemble came about..."


"...I don’t think anyone could have predicted how this year has panned out; it was so unexpected, and terrifying. Before lockdown, I guess you could say my career was ‘on track’ as a classical musician – I was offered a contract with the CBSO straight out of college, offered a numbered job with ESO, touring, doing session work and also on trial for a sub-principal position with the BBC Symphony Orchestra..."

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"...I’ve often heard people say, “there’s just not as much music written by women” or “it’s just not as good”, but that’s simply not the case. Many female composers were overshadowed by their male counterparts (often brothers and husbands) and didn’t receive the same support. In many cases they were trying to balance the familial roles placed on them by society causing them to write less on an individual basis. But if we look at female compositions as a whole and look at the quality of those works, we see those arguments just don’t stand!..."