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"A group of people who are there on their own terms and in their own identities, representing the diverse nature of wider society not through calculation or pretence but by virtue of their individuality."

Toby Deller, Classical Music Magazine 

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Did you know that only 7.7% of the classical music pieces performed worldwide are written by women?

Her Ensemble is a free-form string group that formed during the pandemic with the aim to make a positive impact on the gender gap & gender stereotypes in the industry.



Order a poster

To celebrate International women's day and women's history month, we designed a poster with as many female composers as we could fit on there!

Our inspiration came from a phrase we'd heard so many times, so we decided to make a visual representation of this - with all these incredible women in the background being overlooked by this sweeping statement. (So many that we literally couldn't fit them all on the poster!)

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